To cruise or not to cruise?

September 19, 2011

I could not resist.  I was at lunch with my parents and their friends, who were running late.  I sat there, with my mom on my right and my dad on my left, and asked “Pregnant people can go on cruises, right?”  “Are you pregnant?  I’ve been waiting for this news!” was my dad’s response.  “No, you can’t go on a cruise,” was my mom’s.  We decided to do two B-HCG blood tests, and if the results were good (going up), then I would go on the cruise.  Long story short, after three blood draws and two blood test results, the numbers had climbed and I was a-packing for two days in Miami and three on a cruise ship.  Five days before departure, Mom decided she REEEEAAAALLLLY didn’t want me to go.  “What if you have a miscarriage and need a blood transfusion?  Is there blood on the boat?  Is there blood in the Bahamas?  It’s another country.”  I didn’t even try to argue about missing the cruise, but told her we were still going to Miami—I wasn’t about to forfeit my vacation that I had so carefully rearranged my schedule for, and lose our plane tickets and hotel in Coconut Grove!!  Recalculating…recalculating… recalculating…we decided to spend the 3 days that we would have been on the cruise in Key West instead.  The cruise had been a free bonus vacation, so the only money that we forfeited was for the cruise fees & taxes.


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