Keeping a secret

October 15, 2011

Fun weekend trip with friends to Williamsburg, 2 nights in a timeshare suite!  I decided not to tell anyone, because you can’t trust eight friends to keep a secret (maybe one, maybe two, but not eight!)  At only 7 weeks, I could only comfortably fit in my elastic-waist skirts, and my biggest pair of “fat” jeans from college.  Yikes.  I was pushing to stop by the outlets in Williamsburg so that I could buy bigger sized jeans from a non-maternity store.  We did go outlet shopping for a fleeting 1.5 hours on the way home, and it was really strange for me to buy size 8 jeans and size 10 khaki pants, making sure that I could pull them out a few inches and look like the “after” picture in a weight-loss commercial.  (This isn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings who is a size 8 or 10, just that I am short and small and fluctuate between size 4 and 6).  During the weekend, there were other tell-tale signs…like being unable to stay up until 2 AM, and getting the munchies at midnight AND at 6 AM.  Wheat Thins never tasted better, especially when eaten in bed!  Two of my friends were scrolling through pictures of our Miami vacation on my camera and came across the very picture that I had taken of my sonogram and used in the slideshow reveal to Pete’s family.  OOPS!  Okay, so I did end up sharing our secret with 2 people, and it didn’t leak out!

8 wks pregnant


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