Now, don’t freak out, but…

October 25, 2011

After the sonogram at my dad’s office, he immediately called the high-risk OB to tell her that we saw the baby (only one) and the heartbeat!  She was thrilled for us, and offered to do a follow-up sonogram at her office in two weeks while my parents were on their tour of Turkey and Greece.  I went to her office on October 25, right after the earthquake had happened in Turkey.  My parents had forgotten to activate their cell phones, so all our communication was through e-mail, but I did know that they were already in Greece before the earthquake happened.  The doctor and her staff were relieved to hear that my parents were okay.

The sonographer put the sonogram gel on my belly and scanned across for 3 seconds, too fast for me to catch anything on the screen but two blobs.  She said, “Now, don’t panic [ahhhhh, I totally panicked for that long second], but I think there are two in there.”  WHAT?!  She had to do an internal sonogram to confirm, but there were two little squirmys in there.  I totally freaked out, in a good way.  Everyone there wanted me to call my parents to hear their reaction, but I couldn’t… and I had to wait until they returned that weekend.  Another sonographer, who had also had twins the previous year, came into the room and looked at the monitor.  “Those are textbook mono-di,” she said, over and over.  Hmm, mono-di?  Sounds scary—I made a mental note to look that up at home.

Now, where was Pete?  He was working from home, waiting for the repair people to come repair our well.  The repair people showed up and started on the well outside, at which point Pete called me to ask if he should come to the appointment or if it was too late.  Alas, I had forgotten my cell phone, so he didn’t come to the appointment—and he would have made it in time, too!!  Well, after I got home, I made him sit down, and simply showed him the sonogram pictures.  He saw it immediately!  And then started freaking out and pricing double strollers online.  Since I couldn’t tell my own parents, I called each of Pete sisters-in-law and Pete’s parents and told all of them.  Everyone’s separate reaction was the same: “Are you kidding?”  I can see how they would think it was a joke, since the Pashos already have fraternal twin grandsons!  But it was no joke…  and it turns out that mono-di means identical, in two sacs, but sharing one placenta.  Ohhhh…  it’s a good thing that they have their own sacs, but the high-risk OB will scan them every 2 weeks to make sure that they are growing at the same rate because sometimes one will get more nutrients and the other will end up smaller.

How did twins happen?  What were we doing differently between 1-7 days of gestation?

CHRISTY’S CAPPUCINOS, a daily breakfast staple!  That’s what came to mind first.  Watch out, Christy!

Well, when I had my miscarriage, I was sad, but remembered a testimony from a family friend.  She prayed for twins after she had a miscarriage, and she did have twins next!  So I prayed for twins after my miscarriage.  But I sort of took it back the next day, thinking that raising twins would not be an easy task.  Guess God doesn’t do take-backs!

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”  2 Corinthians 9:15


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