Asheville and Sciatica

Nov 5, 2011

We left after work to Asheville, with the customary one stop for gas.  I could not stay awake, and poor Peter had to drive through the midnight fog, arriving at 2 AM.  We had a fantastic next day at the Biltmore Mansion and Estate, walking all around the 5 gardens and huge mansion.  We even had energy to go back out to downtown Asheville for crepes and a little shopping.  The following day, my valiant husband gathered up all his energy and we drove to Charlotte for an afternoon and evening of game playing at my cousin’s comic book store, Spandex City.  The next morning, we left for home, bright and early, arriving at home in time for each of us to put in half a day of work.  Little did I know it would be our final road trip.

11 wks pregnant

For the next two weeks, I had pain down the back of my right thigh.  I thought I had overdone it walking so much at the Biltmore, so I tried stretching, heating pads, ice packs…finally, I said something to the doctor and found out that it was sciatica.  She recommended a pregnancy belt, and it fixed it, just like magic!


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