Mid-life Crisis

What do you do when you find out that you’re having twins?  You have a mid-life crisis, of course.  Pete decided to get laser-corrective surgery for his eyes.  A few days before, he got a huge lump on one side of his throat, and on that same side of his face, part of his mouth and teeth hurt—he even asked me if I had punched him in his sleep!  After a few days of Echinacea tea and Vitamin C, Pete developed a few sores on his skin, and that night woke me up at 3 AM, “My tongue is swelling up.”  We went to the ER and discovered that Pete had SHINGLES.  What?  Don’t only older people get that?  Apparently, youngsters under stress can also develop shingles.  Our time at the CVS pharmacy was almost as long as our time in the ER, but we finally made it home at 6 AM.  I cancelled his laser-eye surgery for that day!

(I had a blood test done that showed my own chicken-pox immunity was high enough, so after those results came back, I didn’t have to quarantine myself from Pete and sleep in the guest bedroom anymore.)


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