10 Days of Christmas

Due to the previous episode of sciatica that was probably caused by the long car rides, we were not given the OK to travel to Vermont to be with Peter’s family for Christmas, not by car, nor by plane.  So this is what we did instead:

Dec 23: Caroled with neighbors (and I walked most of the way, too!)

Dec 24: Making & Eating dumplings, Christmas Eve Service, Gifts with extended family

Dec 25: Amazing food by Auntie Doris; Daniel & Yvonne are also expecting!; the whole group is entertained by Nacho

Dec 26: Auntie Elaine takes us out to dinner at Pacifica Cafe!

Dec 27: Teaching and playing PowerGrid and Stone Age to Ivy, Amy, Annie & Dylan

Dec 28: Family over for Pete’s wonderful pizza.  But Pete was stuck late at work, so we had to roll out the premade dough, make the sauce, and assemble the pizza.  Turns out that practice does make perfect…and I need more practice!

Dec 29: A full day of work at the office

Dec 30: Didn’t go anywhere, and didn’t entertain anyone!  I learned how to use our new camera…got through half of the manual.  Pete’s parents give us a new character for our Fontanini nativity each Christmas. (don’t you love traditions?)

Dec 31: Dinner with family (picture is with my cousins, YangYang and Debbie); Jennifer’s New Year’s Party

Jan 1: Ticket to Ride Europe with Amy, Sera, and Janet.  Nice longest blue train, Sera!

WOW, it’s the new year and I’m already pooped!


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