Do Twins Run in your Family?

I went to the Maryland State Music Teacher’s Association Annual conference this weekend–two days at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Being younger than most of the other piano teachers, I stood out even more with my big belly.  How many weeks are you?  Only 20 weeks?  First baby?  You’re big for your first!  Oh, it’s twins?  You’re not big at all.  Do twins run in your family?

Oh my goodness, if I had a nickel for each time…maybe I would have made a dollar.  So I try to explain that current science and statistics say that identical twins are random and not hereditary.  (I didn’t know this myself until recently).  Fraternal twins are genetic because the mother may tend to hyperovulate, and if both eggs are fertilized, this results in fraternal twins.  However, they now say that identical twins are random and everyone has an equal, if slim, chance of having identical twins.  (With the exception of a few fertility methods that can increase the chance)  After a day of explaining this, mostly to people I had just met, my answer became, “Why, yes.  I do have identical twins in my family.”  It just so happens to be true.

20 weeks


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