Playing catch-up

Caleb’s nanny (not currently, but from 21 years ago) and her husband came over and planted our garden!!  It was frightfully overgrown with weeds and plants that had gone to seed (oops!).  They worked so hard in the morning humidity, weeding and even creating new beds to make space for the plants that they had brought: tomato plants, squash plants, and Asian squash plants.  After they cleared the previous garden beds and saved the seeds of overgrown vegetables that I had planted last fall, they planted seeds for two types of Asian green vegetable.

Tomatoes came up where we planted them last year!!

Two new beds of tomatoes and squash

Cleared-out boxes with newly-planted seeds

Pete says this is the best part of working in the garden.  He had just planted more tomato plants from Krista, installed tomato cages, and mulched around everything.  Salsa, anyone?


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