1 month retrospective

The boys turned one month old on Monday!  These “remember when” moments are almost funny now:

Jamie, remember when someone insisted on dressing each of the boys in a onesie layered underneath a sleeper, covered them with three blankets each, one of which was flannel, and then topped it off with a hat, and you cried because you thought they might die of heatstroke? (note: overheating is actually a SIDS risk factor)

Pete, remember when you were afraid that you would wake up to every little sound the babies made, but after two nights, the dogs couldn’t even wake you up to let them out in the morning?

Jamie, remember when you went out of the house for the first time, and everyone insisted that you bundle up like it was winter and only your eyes were showing?

Pete, remember when “a lot of sleep” meant 10+ hours per night, and not the mere 7 you got while you were out of town?

Jamie, remember when you said that you never wanted to spend another Mother’s Day in Rockville because it was so bad? (Pete, I didn’t mean I wanted to move, I meant that I wanted to spend it somewhere out of town next year!  And, no, I don’t want to talk about M Day, but I am insisting on a re-do with Father’s day)

Pete, remember when it took us 2.5 hours to watch a 40 minute recorded TV show?  We haven’t really tried that again…

1-month old hands and feet!  We did a hand and foot for each, as well as ink footprints (too difficult to get ink handprints at this age)


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