Thursday AM was our first night alone with Teddy and Timmy.  I prepared the bottles in advance, set up the bottle warmer, and we settled in for our first night in the nursery.  Teddy woke first at 12:45, Pete fed him via bottle, and then fed Timmy his bottle at 1 AM.  As I changed Teddy, I noticed that his clothes were soaked halfway down the front.  Strange.  The babies stayed up for the next hour fussing, spitting up, choking on their spit up, and making wounded animal sounds in general.  Even when the choking and gagging on spit-up subsided a little, I sprang out of bed every 15 minutes just to check on them and make sure they were still breathing.  All in all, I got two 45-minute naps, and Pete finally went back to our bedroom to get an hour of sleep before work.  Here’s what happened: I forgot the venting piece when preparing the bottles.  Our Born Free bottles come with a part inserted between the bottle and nipple to “reduce air ingested while feeding, reduce colic symptoms like gas pain, spit-up, crying, and fussiness.”  Well, it works, when you remember it!!!  What a rookie mistake!

It won’t happen again!!


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