We witnessed a fantastic storm last Friday night.  Losing power from that point on until noon on the following Tuesday was not so fantastic.  Here are pictures of the damage we sustained from the derecho–“a widespread and long-lived, straight-line windstorm, that is associated with a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms.” (wikipedia)

Downed power lines next door that caused our outage

Large trees were snapped in half

We are blessed that the huge branches did not hit the house, but they damaged the corner of the dog area fence

Pete and his dad remove the debris to assess the damage before heading out to Home Depot for replacement post and rails.  What a way to spend the last day of their visit, and without A/C.

Little builders, are you paying attention?

Exhausted, just thinking about all the work!


2 thoughts on “Derecho

    • Thanks! It caused some real damage to the area, and Pete spent a lot of time cleaning it up this weekend. =( At least we have our power back, and it wasn’t out for 7 days, as originally anticipated!

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