Delirium sets in

This event took place while we were sleeping on separate sections of the L-shaped couch in the basement while the power was out.  The twins slept in the pack n play bassinet but would occasionally sleep on one of us if they were fussy.

Pete awoke to a baby’s cry and turned on the lantern.  “Who’s crying?”

I responded, “Well, I have Teddy here so it must be Timmy in the pack n play.”

Pete comes back with Timmy.  “Um, Jamie?  They’re BOTH in the pack n play.”

What?  I could’ve sworn I had one sleeping on my chest!  I double check–no baby.  Hmm, I must be going crazy.

Fast-forward 3 hours to the next feeding cycle.  After I nursed the babies, I put them both back in the pack n play.  I turn off the lantern, and Pete immediately says, “Hey!  Can you put the lantern on nightlight?  Because I have Timmy right here.”

“Pete, that’s not funny.  Stop making fun of me.”

“I’m not making fun of you.”

“Pete, are you serious?”


“Well, you don’t have a baby on you.”


“We’re going crazy.”


One thought on “Delirium sets in

  1. Hahahaha!!! I remember waking up in a sheer panic on occasion because I couldn’t remember what happened to Cal after a late night feeding. I remember waking up. I remember feeding him. All is lost after that. I laugh because I empathize!

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