Cloth what?

I’ve decided to try cloth diapering.  I’m not sure which event put the final nail in the coffin: opening yet another package of diapers (repeat every 3 days), updating my subscribe and save to recieve diapers earlier than scheduled, watching Pete empty the diaper trash literally every other day, ignoring the diaper’s green stripe indicating wetness to wait for a poopy diaper, watching in dismay as the indicator stripe turned green immediately after putting a new diaper on, or getting the aloe vera upon seeing the early signs of diaper rash.

I had the prefolds from our earlier cloth diapering sans diaper cover, and then saw a “buy two get one free” sale for diaper covers, with free shipping.  It was a sign.

At first, I could not figure out why they were crying.  OH, they’re wet, and they can feel it!

Very comfy after the diaper change

I can even manage to button a onesie over the cloth diapers.  It just looks like they have bulky bottoms.  We’ve only had one blowout so far in cloth diapers, but those happened with disposables, too.

From Saturday through Thursday, I have changed a total of 93 cloth diapers, over half a large box of disposable diapers!  I’ve done 4 loads of cloth diaper laundry, and, since we have our own well water, I think the energy consumption is small compared to the amount of trash generated.  I must admit, though, that I still use disposables at night.  I figure 3 disposables per baby per night is okay, and I need them to continue sleeping well in between night feedings!


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