The Zoo

2 weeks ago, we went to the zoo!  Pete and I realized that it had been 10 years since our last visit to the National Zoo (just before we were married).  That’s just crazy.  It was SO HOT and the babies just slept and sweated in their infant carseats in the double snap n go.  After a few hours, it suddenly occured to me that they might get heatstroke or become dehydrated.  We found a shaded, unoccupied bench, and got Timmy out of the carseat for a feeding but he would not wake up!!!  I started getting worried, and we walked on to what I hoped was a restaurant with air conditioning so we could try to wake them up again in a more comfortable environment.  The fork and knife symbol was not a restaurant, but a kiosk with a cluster of outdoor tables.  Pete got in line for overpriced food and I held Timmy until he woke up and realized that he was hungry.  Whew.  I fed him, and then we did the same with Teddy while we ate.  The boys did stay awake for the rest of the time, for the pandas & elephants.

Happy parents after the feedings  //  Pete’s brother & lovely family

Clearly, a stuffed panda, but a family picture with an actual panda would have been impossible….

because it was crowded in there, and

you can barely see the pandas.  Might as well call them Waldo.


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