One of a Kind

The cloth diapers make them look so bottom-heavy, like little weebles!

I really like these onesies from the McCurrys.  It reminds me that they are “One of a Kind,” even if they do resemble one another!  Let me think, here are all the ways they are different:

Teddy spits up much more often, Timmy is bigger by about 4-5 oz but the gap is narrowing, Teddy is sleepier, Timmy is less patient when he is hungry, but sometimes Teddy is so patient that he falls asleep!  I don’t think they look the same, although if you get the angle right in photos, they are identical!  I have only confused them a few times, and usually when I’m not quite awake.

Here’s how they are alike: They are both quiet sleepers, talkative when they wake up in the morning (I stay in bed until the talking becomes really loud), very smiley and laugh often unless tired, love to “stand” and dance in front of the mirror, enjoy being read to and looking at picture books and toys that make music, and good with new people unless the new people are really loud.  Of course, they are happy to be held and rocked asleep in someone’s arms, but I don’t do it like that or I’d end up with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel!

Here they look identical.  Uncle Lovis (my 2nd cousin) is visiting from Germany.  He is half German, half Taiwanese.  Maybe my guys will resemble him someday!


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