I was really pushing to start getting out of the house and doing things again.  Pete told me to make a list of all the places within a 2 hour driving time that I want to go, for daytrips and possible overnights.  [In exchange, I agreed to cancel a credit card and sign up for one with no annual fee.]  So I made my list, a rather long one, complete with length of time to get to each place.  [In this area, distance is measured in time, not in miles.]  For our first daytrip that we did on Saturday, which was only for half a day because it’s much easier to feed them at home, we chose the place that took the least amount of time to get to: Frederick (36 minutes away).  I found an event: “Our Taste of History: The Civil War in Buckeystown” that was 15 minutes south of Frederick but still 37 minutes away.

There were re-enactors.  And cannonballs.

And Civil War-era music, by the Susquehanna Travellers.  They were quite good.  We sat and listened in the shade for about 20 minutes before Teddy began to fuss.  During that time, two women separately told us about twins in their family.  The first was older and she assisted in the delivery of her twin granddaughters who were born FIFTEEN MINUTES APART.  The second had a cousin with twins, but mainly talked about how she has three boys and just loved raising boys.

Afterward, we called in an order of calzones to our favorite place in Frederick.  Turns out, it was Frederick’s “Street Festival” day and a long part of Main Street had been blocked off for it!  We finally found parking at the Post Office, with a scary 20 minutes maximum sign, and powerwalked a mile to get the calzones with the babies strapped to us.

All in all, a successful first (half)day trip!


2 thoughts on “Daytrips

  1. Haha, I love how you had to trade in a credit card. To be fair, that’s good of Pete to offer you a trade. I made Jonathan give his annual fee card up with nothing in exchange! Also, pls explain the significance of twins being born 15 min apart…. is this good? That’s fast, right? Sorry, newbie here.

    • I would have done the credit card trade, but I bargained for something in return. haha.
      Well, my guys were born 2 minutes apart, which is a long time for a C-Section. From the people I’ve talked to who gave birth the other way, it sounded like the doctor just pulled the 2nd twin out right after, sometimes in a breech position! So 15 minutes sounded long to me, but then I looked it up just now and it’s normal to take up to 30 minutes between twins. The labor is done, just have to push the 2nd out, I think. Speaking of which, they had to “push” the 2nd twin out during my C-Section, too! But I didn’t have to push–the big male PA pushed really hard on top of my belly to get him out. =)

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