Fashion Show

Lest you worry that we are constantly having to change clothes for the sake of the camera, let me assure you that we try our best to stay in one outfit per day (but there is a threshold for smelling like sour milk and poo).  The big camera just follows us around the house and the small one when we leave the house!  Plus, it’s only polite to show our friends that we’ve grown into their gifts of clothing.

Custom Elephants by Olivia//”PT with my Army Uncle tired me out!”

“Why is this bear standing between my brother and me?!”

Too cool to smile…but not to blow bubbles  //  Okay, we’ll smile now

Just like Daddy and Mommy–getting more sleep!

So good at sitting up // Babysitter could tell us apart from day one!

The paparazzi never sleeps

New Month, New Clothing size//Daddy wants a terrycloth jumper, too

Two babies, Three dogs, no problem!


5 thoughts on “Fashion Show

    • Good eye–he is a shiba! We were watching my parents’ dog while they were out of town for 2.5 wks. Thank goodness he is now back home, because he is not friendly with our dogs, or dogs in general.

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