Vacation Day 1

Our first vacation was to “The Homestead” in Hot Springs, VA.  My parents had bought packages through Living Social and we decided to go together.  My mom came with us on Saturday, and my dad and brother arrived on Sunday.  There is no way we would have been able to do this without them!

“One bed for each of us!”

“Or we could share a bed…”  They’re stretching out after the 4 hour car ride, during which they slept the entire time.  And then they were constantly hungry for the rest of the day.  Big mistake not waking them up halfway to feed them!

I bought a 2nd Bjorn for me at that consignment sale for $25, and it is red!  Score!

I am so proud of my mom for learning how to use our nice camera!

“Wait…this was not the sleeping arrangement that we expected!”  They did pretty well, for the first time in the lower section of the pack n’play.


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