I’ve been having too much fun with Merry, who visited me over the weekend for my birthday.  To make up for the hiatus, here are a BUNCH of pictures!

dog throne

Timmy’s discovered the dog throne (but doesn’t know yet that you don’t want the tail ends pointed at you!)

timmy piano2timmy piano1

Timmy has also discovered banging on the piano!

teddy 7 motimmy 7 mo

This is going way too fast!  I don’t know why they’re in such a hurry to grow up!

you won't like him when he's angry loves the camera funny face nice to meet you...

Timmy tried to get a response out of this doll for awhile.  Look at him, making those sheep’s eyes!

teddy nativity lady, turn off the flash

sleeping beautyplaydate

He found himself a real live girl!

elf pjs

Merry, that tree has your name on it.  Literally, and not even on purpose

first pizza crust addicted

Whoa…Teddy dropped his pizza crust and discovered he couldn’t live without it!


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