Merry Christmas!!

Great Grandmother

Meeting their Great-Grandmother!

First Cat!Cookie?

Scout’s a soft cat  //  Decorating & eating cookies–yeah, right!  You can see their faux-hawks.  We didn’t shave their heads at all…it’s natural!

We spent a whole day introducing them to close family friends:

VitellasThe HallsThe Hudak-HallsThe Next Gen

Friends since preschool, now with kids!

All that SNOW

“So beautiful this time of year, all that snow…”  actually, we’re expecting a real snowstorm in two days!  Good thing Ah-Poh insisted on that warm outerwear.

KissesKiss you back!

I’ll admit it, I started it by blowing raspberries on Timmy’s stomach.  But Mama gets the last word!

First Christmas

Three days, three moose outfits (can you find them all?)

Merry Christmoose!


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