I was going to post pictures of the cherry blossoms we saw last week, but something happened tonight!!

teddy puffytimmy puffy

Why are they puffy?  Because they slept for 12 hours, that’s why!  Exactly fourteen days ago, they woke up at 10 PM and refused to go back to sleep.  Every time we thought they were asleep and laid them down, they would start crying again.  After an hour of this, Pete and I (in different rooms) came to the same conclusion, put our respective babies down in the crib, left the room, and let them cry.  They fell asleep within 30 minutes.  Too afraid to wake up Teddy who was in the crib in our bedroom, we slept in the guest bedroom.  We slept full nights of sleep for seven nights with this arrangement.  The second seven nights, the babies both slept in the nursery and we had our bedroom to ourselves again, after 11 months of shuffling around and looking for pajamas in the dark.  My back is sore from sleeping in one position for more than 5 hours!  Which brings me to tonight.

It was earlier than usual but they were all set for bed.  Pete was home from work early, and we were about to start our usual pacing of the floor to get the babies drowsy before laying them down in their cribs.  I always envied those moms who say that they just lay the baby down and the baby goes to sleep.  I figured it wasn’t for us since we have twins, so wouldn’t they keep each other awake with all the crying?…and they are so huggable…but getting so heavy.  Well, it was early so we decided to just stand them up in their side-by-side cribs (yes, the crib was moved out of the bedroom a few days ago!) so they could make faces at each other and have some conversation.  We left the room, and they protested a little.  We watched the monitor while making dinner.  Within ten minutes, they had each laid down and gone to sleep.

WHAT?!?!?!  I still can’t believe it.  A new standard has been set!


4 thoughts on “Puffy

  1. yahhh thats good to hear! I hear you are making awesome plans for the party…can’t wait to get my fix of trains

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