T minus six hours

The morning of the party, I had to go to the Univ of MD to monitor three groups of competitions for the annual Piano Solo Festival, in which my own students were playing.  (Over 1,000 kids were in it this year and the groups were scheduled from 8 AM until 9 PM).  Thankfully, the chairperson accomodated my request to work in the morning!  I was up at 6 AM (after going to bed at 2 AM) and out the door at 7 AM.  I ran to my car as soon as I was free and arrived home at 12:30.  The only way all the food was set up and the house was clean by the start of the party at 2 PM was due to sweet, level-headed friends (I think I managed to stay calm allll morning… until the last half hour):


Al & Pete took the babies on a nap-inducing errand to Costco, Steve is now a master punch maker, Dylan & Pete hung the train sign late the night before, Annie was my baking consultant and made lime cupcakes, Betsy finished setting up my cake pop display & took great pictures of all the decor (you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see those) & managed the oven, and Jenny stuck on the 1 AM fondant wheels to finish the cake & directed the punch making & cleaned out the sink & convinced me that train shaped cake pops would be “easy,” & needs to tell us how she got the pigs-in-a-blanket to brown!,  and Sarah has been my right-hand woman for the last few weeks!


Poor Pete managed the cranky babies all morning while I was gone, and they continued to be a little unhappy for the first half of the party.  But still cute:


So that’s all I’ve got for good people pictures…so few!  If you have any, please please email them to me.  (I won’t post them if you don’t want me to!)  Stay tuned for pics of the Thomas cake and more!


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