Making Thomas

Tuesday, I doubled the recipe and baked the chocolate cake, from scratch, using this recipe:

I substituted plain whole milk yogurt for the buttermilk and this was the same recipe I used for the cake pops.  I put it in the freezer so it would be easier to cut up the next night.

Wednesday, I built the cake with some help from Sarah and Caleb.  I used this tutorial:

I won’t show you all the pictures I took of each step since you can look the pictures on her website if you’re serious about making a Thomas cake!  It went back into the freezer for another 24 hours so the crumb coat would be easier to put on.

Wed 1Wed 2Wed

Thursday, I made crusting buttercream frosting from scratch using this recipe:

and put on the crumb coat.  Thomas went back into the foil home Caleb had made and into the fridge this time.  Thomas looks naked, haha.


Friday, Jenny and I discovered two things:

1) Confectioners Sugar can go bad.  Good thing I used the new box for the crumb coat!

2) I used 1 cup instead of 2 cups of confections sugar in my crusting buttercream icing…no wonder it didn’t crust!!  It still tasted fine and served its crumb coat purpose (which is, to keep crumbs out of the main icing job)

FriSat AM

Timestamp on these fondant wheels was 12:21 AM.

Sat AM 2

Then, I matched the size and cut out the black foam wheels for the train cars.  Timestamp 12:40 AM.

Saturday!!  Finally, party time!  Choo choo.


It has to be done…people are demanding cake, and not the sugar-free smash cakes that I made for the babies!



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