More baking

Annie and I had fun doing some trial baking three weeks before the party.  I settled on making chocolate-chip coconut bars and rolo-pretzel sandwiches, and Annie made lime cupcakes.  The recipe was really for margherita cupcakes, but we nixed the tequila.  Everything turned out perfectly for the party.  (And I think Betsy has found her calling as a food photographer…)

Coconut, RoloLime cupcakes

On our baking day, I also tried out the sugar-free baby cakes which really tasted like banana bread without the sugar (kind of yucky because I didn’t have quite enough banana, but the babies had no problems with it).  I modified the recipe by adding more banana, using 3 eggs instead of 2 eggs+1 egg yolk, using really special & yummy Vietnamese Cinnamon from King Arthur Flour, and substituting the water with homemade organic apple sauce (it wasn’t my intention, but I didn’t have time to get applesauce at the store, and we had apples lying around…)  Oh yeah, and I didn’t make it into a cat face.  This was the recipe:  I frosted it with plain greek yogurt and arranged strawberry slices in the shape of the number 1.  I made it in mini quiche pans, and had 6 leftover after the babies each had one…so I cut a few up and served it to those wondering what a sugar-free cake tasted like!  The consensus was that it was rather tasty, and I hope people weren’t just saying that…

Smash cake

Timmy brings the cake to his face

Smash cake 2

and Teddy brings his face to the cake.  Reminds me of that bible story of Gideon…

Jenny lent me a really cute train-shaped cookie cutter, so I just HAD to use it, but couldn’t stand doing too much cookie cutting so I settled for making one batch of gingerbread trains to put in the goody bags for the kids.  The cookie cutter had a wheel imprint, but making them thick enough for the imprint to show up just made the cookie look cracked and swollen upon baking.  The middle batch turned out just right, but by the end I was rolling them too thin.  This is why I knew I could only make one batch of cut-out cookies…

GingerbreadTrain cookies

I think that takes care of all the baking.  Here’s the entire spread (not shown are the mini egg rolls and pigs in a blanket that went into the shallow train boxes, and I suppose you can’t see the cucumber slices and hummus that were next to the carrots).



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