Here’s the wreath & sign that I made for the party.  I was inspired by the decor I saw here: but I like how mine turned out better.  I reused an old wreath that I had glued some dried roses to and some ribbon I had lying around.  I cut the train freehand and used a sizzix font for the letters.  I used black foam for the train tracks and pilfered pictures of Thomas from a package of something that went into the goody bag.  I’m showing the whole door because Pete painted it before the party!


And here is the sign Sarah and I made for the party.  She rolled out the letters with adhesive paper in the sizzix sidekick and I made the trains.  The three fonts I have are only alphabets and no numbers, so we used a lowercase “l” from a different font for the number “1” and we did the “st” with the cursive font.  It’s a double sided sign!  The wheels on the wreath and sign all move because I used brads.


You must be wondering how many trips I made to Michaels for this party.  Ummm, I already had everything in my house.  That’s what happens if you scrapbook.  I only had to go to Michaels for supplies for the cake pops (and I happened to see the perfect train car food boxes which happened to be on sale so I couldn’t help that…)

I know you want to see the boys, so here is a picture of them in the ball pit.  This is a wonderful hand-me-down from our nephews which Pete blew up and Sarah cleaned for its debut at the party.  The boys weren’t all that fond of it, but most of the kids who came to party enjoyed it!



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