I had four game stations at the party.  Here they are:

Game 1Game 1 answer sheet

Game Station 1: “Double Take: Is it Teddy or Timmy?”  Identify the baby; there is a post-it with arrow on the pictures that have both babies.  I pilfered photos from my scrapbook-to-be and used removeable adhesive.  All the paper and photos are going back into the scrapbook…whenever I get around to doing that!  My mom and Ivy tied as winners (I’m so proud of them!), with only 4 wrong!  My mom didn’t want the prize and Ivy won Game 2, so the prize went to Sharon who only got 8 wrong!  Especially impressive, since she was away at college for most of the year!

Game 2

Game Station 2: “Twin Trivia: Who did the what now?”  This was a trivia quiz about which baby did what first, as well as other random information.  Ivy won this one with 3 wrong, and Betsy/Al and Jenny/Steve tied for a close second with 4 wrong.

Game 3

Game Station 3: “Career Raffle.”  We chose objects to represent various career paths, and tried to keep it lighthearted (which you will see if you can read the last suggested career in each category).  People put their names in cups for the object they thought each baby would grab, which is what all the cups are for.  Teddy chose the ball and Timmy chose the music cube (they didn’t go at the same time).  Neither baby really wanted to grab anything, so we shook all the objects so they would notice them.  I think the ball had an unfair advantage because it rattled, and the music cube also had an advantage because it had floating eighth notes that move around in the gel.  But, anyway, Veronica and Steve were the names drawn out of those cups!  Pete’s happy that they didn’t go for his wallet (that doesn’t happen until they’re teenagers, dad!)

Teddy careerTimmy career

Steve with Teddy and ball  //  My dad with Timmy and music cube (not Veronica)

Game 4

Game Station 4: “Guess Baby’s Weight”  We have been looking forward to turning the car seats so that they are forward facing, but the babies have to be at least 20 lbs and 1 years old.  So I guess that was the weak inspiration for this game.  And I thought it would encourage people to hold the babies, if they were hesitant to.  To help everyone out, I posted their pictures and weights at birth (with preemie outfits they wore home from the hospital), 1 mo (with hand and foot imprints), 3 mo, 7 mo, and 10 mo.  Gene guessed Timmy was 20.6 lbs and got it right on the dot!  Uncle Caleb guessed Teddy just shy of his 20.4 lbs, but he was the closest without going over.  Our scale goes to the .2 lb, but whenever we go to the pediatrician, they are way lighter than their weight at home.  We’ll find out if they are really over 20 lbs on Thursday.  Of course, this weigh-in was done fully clothed, too.

Photo Booth

Lastly, I laid out a whole bunch of random things for the fun photo booth on the beautiful train table that Pete and his dad made.  Unfortunately, it was kind of a bust.  Maybe it was my threat of posting to FB.  Maybe it was the lack of adult beverages.  Regardless, we got a few fun pictures, and I had just poked around the house for items and didn’t buy anything for it, so all in all not a huge deal.


Another fun & grown-up toy: A seesawing boat, handed down from the Ong family.  They do sit on the seats occasionally, but they feel safer to stay in the middle area so they don’t get quite so see-sawed.  Can you read the fine print?  “This product is not to be used for flotation”!!!!  The big kids at the party liked this toy, too!


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