Mother’s Day

We’ve been sick and avoiding other children and playdates  =(  but it didn’t stop us from going out for Mother’s Day!  Here we are in Westminster for their annual Flower and Jazz Festival.


England? I wish…

“Event takes place in Historic Downtown Westminster and is designed for a leisurely day of fun and jazz. Delicious food and great entertainment will be offered. Local nurseries set up beautiful displays of unusual plants and shrubs. There are also over 100 craft vendors displaying a wide variety of unique items.”

Unusual plants?  no…  100 craft vendors?  no…  Unique items?  no…  Would we go again?  no…


But it was lovely to see kids playing jazz!


This picture shows half of the tents.  It was nice that it wasn’t too crowded for our double stroller.

Westminster 2

We sat in this square and fed the babies, listening to big band music.  And then we had really yummy BBQ pulled pork before it started raining hard.  It was a fun mother’s day out!  And we’re almost over our colds…


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