Life, post-party

So boring, right?  Nope…lots to do.  First, gain weight from eating leftover coconut bars, lime cupcakes, and chocolate cake.  It makes me feel like this:leftovers

Next, finish that second baby blanket!  I was determined to finish knitting it by their first birthday, which I did, and crocheted half of it together!(left pic)  I finished crocheting it all together last week (right pic) but I have yet to crochet a border and tuck in all those extra strings…my least favorite part.


Also, tend to my neglected vegetable garden.  I’m blaming the poor crop on the construction noise from next door.  Should I blast some Mozart out the window to encourage growth?  It’s more likely the weather–right after I planted all the seeds, we had a few really hot days followed by a lot of cold and rainy ones.  I finally got out there and have been weeding since the weekend after the party, and I think I’ve seen some new growth since then (either that, or I couldn’t see the plants for the weeds).  There are still a lot of weeds..but it’s nothing compared to the “before” picture, which I didn’t take!


Lastly, now that I’m well, it’s time to cook again!  No more mac & cheese, pre-packaged potstickers, and chicken sausages (all great last-minute food, though).  Here’s some handmade gnocchi that I was determined to make, even after the power went out for a few hours one evening.  Dinner was ready at 10 PM.


I am off to prepare music for my students’ Piano Guild Auditions.  It’s only the 4th piano event this month.  Okay, okay, this post hasn’t been much about the twin Ts, so here’s a picture of the babies eating their first whole slices of pizza, not just pizza crust.  (They’re not getting pureed food anymore because I’m not bringing a blender to Iceland when we go on vacation!)



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