Memorial Day

The Friday before Memorial Day, Betsy came shoe shopping at Target with us.  Timmy’s response was to freeze and stand there for five minutes, as if we had stuck his foot in a heavy, cement shoe.  Teddy dropped to his knees and crawled away.  The last straw was trying on crocs:

Timmy shoesTeddy shoes

On Sunday, we went to our church’s annual Memorial Day weekend family retreat for one day.  Teddy had figured out how to do a march-like walk, but Timmy was still refusing to walk in his sneakers.  Here they are in the playroom, Teddy threatening to mow Timmy over if he didn’t figure out how to move in his new shoes:


Pete teaches Timmy how to move his sneakered feet, while I run around trying to keep Teddy in the viewfinder…he’s getting fast!  I see the makings of a Father’s Day card here…


Guys, they just got shoes…aren’t we jumping the gun a little?


And they had a little playdate on Memorial Day.  It was all fun and games until the pre-naptime meltdown!

Memorial Day1Memorial Day2


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