Uncle Ivy

Ivy had to use up expiring vacation days, so she took last week off and spent most of it with us.  This is her idea of a vacation!  I still had to teach every afternoon, but we had about 3 hours to do things in between their naps, which included their lunch time.

IvyUncle Ivy

Tuesday, we had a peony photoshoot in Auntie Audrey’s beautiful garden.  Then, off to Seasons 52 for lunch (my bday present from Ivy that we’ve been trying to do for 6 months), where the boys discovered a new toy called the “straw” and had meltdowns at the end because our waitress disappeared for too long and we were waiting for her to return and show us the dessert tray (they don’t have a dessert menu, they have a dessert tray).  However, the waitress did get us about 6 straws over the course of the meal and was very nice about that and the food all over the floor, so I’m sure there was a reason for her long absense.


Wednesday, we went to the mall to find me a present for our friend’s daughter, and to buy Old Navy sandals for trips to the pool this summer!  Timmy is still NOT a fan.  Teddy didn’t seem to mind.


Thursday, we played a game during naptime, then afterwards ran errands and picked up Pete and my mom to go to our doctor’s office for Pete and my routine physicals.  We needed my mom and Ivy to manage the twins’ lunch in the waiting room.  They let me change Timmy upstairs and Teddy is climbing the stairs in search of us, in his new sandals!


Friday, Ivy and I made lasagnas during naptime, then afterwards ran more errands and I took Ivy to The Cheesecake Factory as payment for watching the boys on Wednesday afternoon.  First time ordering off the kids menu!  I think the chicken quesos were too bland for them because I could only trick them into eating 1/4 of it in between bites of the spicy guacamole and food from my own 2050-calorie entree (I was happy to share the calories with them)



Timmy is concerned for his Cozy Coupe, but it only took several tries for Ivy to get out.  Thanks for a fun week, Uncle Ivy!!!


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