We met up at Chipotle and ate outside.  The night before, I asked Pete if he thought it would work out okay if I fed them from my burrito bowl.  He said he didn’t know if there would be enough food left for me.  He was right…I spent the whole time feeding my little birdies and had less than half leftover, which I ate later during their naptime!


Then, on her way in to the store, a woman who worked there asked us if we’d like to check out this new store and center for toddlers that offered music classes, gym time and toddler shows.  So we did, and everyone had a great time running around the gym for about 10 minutes.  Until she repeated that it was $10 per child to stay for an hour…then we skedaddled.  I’m thinking of getting a few gym pieces to put on Pete’s MMA mats in the basement.  $20 per hour for two, a few hours a day…that should pay for itself in about a week or so!


It’s really hard to get four active toddlers in one picture!


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