all’s well that ends well

Ergo carriernice sunglasses

On Saturday, I wanted to try out the Ergo carrier which I borrowed from a friend so I found a hiking trail for us to check out after our eye appointments in Laurel (don’t ask me to explain why we go so far).  Alas, I had lost my sunglasses in the strawberry fields…like my new look?  Don’t be confused, babies were switched in the time between these two pictures (so they’re both of Timmy)

too rocky

Dilated pupils + bright sunshine = unable to read the map, not to mention headaches for both of us.  Plus, I had forgotten to bring suitable hiking shoes, so the trail by the stream was getting a bit too rocky for me.


Are you sure that tunnel is a shortcut back to the other trail?  (It was.)

wedge shoes

“Don’t sprain your ankle.”  check.

“Don’t fall on the baby.”  check.

“Don’t damage the camera.”  check.

All in all, a successful hiking trip.  We eventually found our way back to the parking lot without being too disruptive to a lasertag gaming area.  oops.


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