Roll out the red carpet

My dear cousin and aunt came to visit for a few days from California.  Doing a lot of prep work the night before and during naps, and having Sarah to babysit the day of resulted in a big welcome meal!

9-food for annie

Salad from our garden with homemade croutons, strawberries, and that homemade honey-lemon-shallot vinaigrette that we all love, fall-off-the-bone ribs that slow cooked for 10 hours in homemade bbq sauce, homemade spicy parmesan potato wedges, roasted zucchini and peppers, cornbread (I’ll admit that was from a box, and it’s not in the picture), and oatmeal cake from scratch topped with homemade frosting and coconut.  Oh, and mimosas!  I only used the word “homemade” 5 times, just to emphasize how yummy it all was.

Auntie CindyAnnie and slide

Clapping and war-whooping with Great-Aunt Cindy  //  First time going down such a big slide with Auntie Annie (and after the first few times, we sent them down the slide all by themselves!)

first chipfirst chip teddy

First taste of chips at a Mexican restaurant.  They even liked the spicy salsa with it!


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