Somewhere between Maryland and Vermont, these guys lost their pants.


“I think Vermont is…that way?” Okay Timmy, you’ve just lost backseat navigation privileges.


Teddy knows he has three hours to go: “Gotta do my stretches…stay limber…”


“YESSSS, I finally get to choose the music!  No more drowsy audiobooks!”


“So thaaaat’s what we look like in our cushy recliners.”  Was all the crying because his overalls were too tight?  I’m just now noticing the stretch around the waist!  Yikes!  The roadtrip to Vermont was difficult this time because they each skipped a nap (makes them overtired and fussy), didn’t nap at the same time (always one whining/crying baby wanting to get out of the carseat), and didn’t poop at the same time (more stops for diaper changes).  Even the Elmo shows got old, especially for us!


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