After the twins had the run of Nan and Grandpa’s house, I decided to create a larger playspace for them.  Voila!  I sectioned off two sets of stairs, two rough brick edges, the metal railing, and the wood burning stove.

new playspace

They discover new “toys”:

new toy-furniture new toy-stereo

Perfect place to hide  //  They like to turn the volume up! (and I turn it back down with the remote)

new toy-domino cell new toy-frame

“Hello?”  Dominos are their idea of a cell phone  //  Teddy really likes to carry around this framed picture of mommy and daddy with Uncle Chad and Aunt Debby.  He gnaws on it occasionally.  Daddy’s waiting for the glass to break one of these days.

new toy-work chair

Being pushed around in the office chair amuses them, although it makes the dogs nervous.

Teddy hat Timmy hat

Mixing bowl?  Hat?  Peek-a-boo!

water-dog bowl

NOT a water table!!  Okay, okay, I’ll get you some real toys!  And take you to the pool!


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