Groundhog Day? No… 4th of July!

Ivy and I battled a family of groundhogs last week.  They had decimated the remains of my beautiful lettuce and eaten all the nasturtium buds and baby kale!  I helped her reinforce the fencing under the steps with bricks to make it very difficult to dig into the garden.  I also borrowed a Havahart trap from my neighbor and we became experts on where to place the trap and what foods to put in it.  After all that effort, we didn’t see the groundhogs for a week!  Imagine my surprise when my parents brought this gift over:

Backpack 1 Backpack 2

It’s a groundhog!!  No, it’s really a beaver with backpack straps.  The other is a wolf.

Sorting shoes Tunnel with backpack

The animals help them sort Daddy’s shoes… and like to play in the tunnel, too.

Squeeze by Squeezing 2

“Excuse me, this is MY tunnel!”  It was a long struggle, but Teddy (and beaver) prevailed and got through!

Bag lady Fourth of July

“Where is she taking us??”  //  Happy 4th of July!

(Can you see the squash plant climbing up the trellis?  It’s outta control!)


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