Friends & Rockville Town Center

Charm 1 Charm2

So hard to have an adult conversation!  //  Reminiscing


Say cheese!


Got everyone (and a cool pirate ship) in one shot!

Later that day, the water fountain at Rockville Town Center:

RTC 01 RTC02

It feels like you’re running at an incredible rate when you put your arms back like this!  (’til you faceplant…)  Timmy was especially social.  He kept running off into the fountain and even hugged a stranger.


2nd playdate of the day, I was in a rush and left their lunch in the fridge and grabbed the hand-me-down swim trunks that were too big…oops  //  “Gotcha!”


Time out!  jk, he’s just taking a break  //  Discovered a puddle…great…


My walrus and tiger 🙂  //  Five Guys grilled cheese gets their applause


After a rather traumatic diaper changing experience that I’d rather not go into here, we went to the library for the first time!!  We had so much fun with our big sister friend, we’ll have to do it again soon!


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