Radishes and Green Beans

Harvesting radishes!

radish 1

This guy loves radishes!  I’m not sure why we’re making faces…

radish 2

Popping out of the ground

radish 3

Babies finally make it into the garden

green bean 1

Discovering a green bean!  (Note the groundhog devastation of lettuce in the background)

A few days later, I picked green beans in earnest:

green bean 2 green bean 3

I noticed a few nibbles, and told Pete something had gotten into the garden, maybe a rabbit?

green bean 4 harvest

I moved the Havahart trap into the garden (the bowl is sitting on it) and put fresh apples in it.  The next day, and the day after, the groundhog got into the garden again and ate all the leaves off of the all the grean beans.  Apparently, it’s too smart to go into the trap, wherever I place it!  This is war!


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