Pools, big and small

Jenny’s been stopping by these few weeks to play with us.  I guess she’s not tired of us yet, because she had us over to her community’s pool two weekends ago.  The perfect opportunity to try out our new pool floats, a birthday present from Aunt Debby!

pool float pool float teddy

What is this?  //  It took Teddy some time to get used to it.

pool float timmy jenny pool

Defective sunshade meant wearing a hat  //  Pool floats were a big hit!

 noodle teddy

They saw noodles lying around and had to try those out!

The following day, we had a playdate (also with Jenny, who must like us a whole lot!) to check out our favorite twin friends’ new wading pool!  Until the thunder made us bring the fun inside…

kiddie pool 1

Deer in headlights

kiddie pool 2 kiddie pool 3

Now we’re splashin’!


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