From “To Do” to “To Done”

Last week, we used a couple of Pete’s lunch breaks to get the boys’ passport applications and bloodwork done (so if the latter makes you queasy, only look at the first five pictures!)

Passport picture bloopers: (BTW, if you take them yourself, CVS only charges 29 cents for you to crop it on their machine and print it out)

Passport1 Passport2

Neutral expression, please!  //  Bro walks over to check out the molars

Passport4 Passport3

It’s not a mugshot!  //  Eye contact and no cheesing, please…

Post Blood

Bloodwork, the short story: Timmy ended up with a band-aid on each arm, while Teddy only got one.  The next four pictures are all pre-blood draw (not during!), but still….if you get queasy like Daddy who had to hold them, don’t look!

Blood1 Blood2

Drumming on the “fun chair!”  Teddy cried a tiny bit at the end.

Blood3 Blood4

Timmy thinks it’s all fun and games, too…until the tech touches his arm.  On the second poke in his other arm, nothing came out (again!)until I got him to stop crying for two seconds, during which he relaxed enough for the blood to come out.  Phew, I thought we’d have to reschedule and do it all over again!  Why does Pete have to hold them?  Because I was the one who had to keep their arm in position and watch the whole time 😦

Check, check, what’s next?  Our own blood draws?  No, way!


2 thoughts on “From “To Do” to “To Done”

    • right! thanks for your advice–we went to quest on shady grove road. it was pretty good, despite forgetting the orders and getting my doctor’s office to fax them…we were sweating before we even got into the room! 😛

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