Chesapeake Beach and Calvert Cliffs

I planned a little overnight for us so that we could take the boys to the beach and explore Calvert County.  Little did I know that Chesapeake “Beach” is not actually a beach.  Oh, there are little beaches there with other names, that you have to pay $12 per adult and $8 per child to go to.  There is no way I was going to pay that amount to sit on a crowded beach by the Chesapeake Bay.  It’s not even the ocean!  Well, here we are at a restaurant in Chesapeake Beach with Caleb and Ah-Poh, celebrating Caleb and Peter’s birthdays.

Chesapeake Beach

We drove up to the next town, North Beach, which had a boardwalk that you could walk on for free.  No stores, though, but there may have been a few much farther up the boardwalk.  It cost the same amount to sit on their crowded beach, but at least you could see the beach from the road.  We used our secondhand Ergos for the first time!  I had just bought them the day before and I was very excited to try them out.

North Beach2North Beach1North Beach Caleb

Caleb and Ah-Poh went home and we continued on to the next stop: Calvert Cliffs State Park.  I knew there was a beach there that you could hike to.  It was 1.8 miles each way, and I had forgotten my sneakers again!  At least I wasn’t wearing my 3 inch wedge sandals this time.

CCHike1 CCHike2

Timmy hiked the first 50 yards and rode the rest of the way in style.

CCBeach1 CCBeach2

Finally arrived, in my flip flops  //  Looking for shark’s teeth

Post Hike

Hiking makes them so thirsty!  Back at the car, in the back of the car…we stayed at the beach 1.5 hrs and it was 7 PM by the time we left the park…8 PM by the time we left the hotel…

Solomons Holiday Inn

This was at the Solomons Island boardwalk at 8:30 PM, in search of food.  They were out cold at 9 PM.  Does this look like an ad for Holiday Inn or what?  Such good little travelers!!  We got carry-out to eat back at the hotel, and the boys didn’t wake for it, so they didn’t get a proper dinner…and we were up at 4 AM giving them food.  Another plug for the hotel–they had a big fridge that fit everything we brought in our big cooler, and a microwave, too!


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