Solomons, MD

After the 4 AM waking, they slept from 6-8:30 AM.  First stop was Annmarie Sculpture Garden, which was free from 9-10 AM.  We did the quarter-mile walking path through the woods.  Beautiful sculptures made for a serene morning, topped off by feeding the boys breakfast by the sculpture of an oyster tonger working by the Chesapeake Bay (see them in the back?)

AnnMarie1 AnnMarie2

Next we went to the hotel pool (I asked for a late checkout).   We were only there 20 minutes but Teddy took the opportunity to poop in his cloth swim diaper….ewww, I am not used to cleaning out cloth diapers outside of home!  I think it was precisely at this moment, when Pete dunked him.

Pool1 Pool2

Final stop: Calvert Marine Museum.  It’s bigger than it looks from the outside and I didn’t know what to expect other than the lighthouse and boats.  We did get to go all the way up to the top of the lighthouse, and did see tons of boats and stuff about life on the Chesapeake inside the building.  I even caught twin oysters in my Tonger outfit!


Then we discovered that there was a mini aquarium!  We saw crabs, jellyfish, fish, seahorses, horseshoe crabs, and SEA OTTERS.  They had areas where we could touch manta rays, starfish and sea urchins, too!


This trip is worth repeating, minus Chesapeake Beach and North Beach, plus a pair of sneakers, and for sure at the Holiday Inn.


Someone’s about to get a fish-slapping!


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