Meadowside Nature Center

Nature Center1 Nature Center2

“Legacy of the Land” diorama inside the Nature Center

 Nature Center3

Looking forward to seeing a REAL cave next month!

Vulture Hawk and Eagle

Vulture, Hawk, and Eagle at Meadowside’s Raptor Aviary

Valient Bridge Pioneer Trail

I ❤ covered bridges  //  Oh, that’s why it’s called the Pioneer Trail


Goats!  Too bad both fell asleep mid-hike!  They also missed the Curiosity Corner, so we returned the following week with Ivy.


The Curiosity Corner was very cool room, lots of animals to look at.

Curiosity Corner Owl

Lots of nature toys and books  //  And there’s a REAL owl!

Lake Frank Trail

Ivy and I hiked a different and longer trail

Lake Frank

Couldn’t get the babies to stop looking at Lake Frank


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