MMR = Mighty, Manly & Rugged

Our first dose of manliness (after the shot) was encountering a new toy set in the doctor’s waiting room:

1-Tool bench 2-Drill phone

Teddy uses the drill as a phone.  Surprise, surprise.

3-consultant 4-consultant

Watching his bro sleep  // Next gen consultants: no pants, iron-on tie


Our friends have the coolest stuff!

6-nerf weapons 7-nerf weapons

We need to go to other people’s houses more often!

10-tractor 9-tractor

Hey, that yellow tractor’s bigger!  (At the county fair.)

11-lawn mower 12-fixing mower

Wish I could mow me some real grass  //  Fixing it, just like Dad does


Better get Dad to show you how hold that…


What?  Cleaning is manly!  Timmy likes to hand me any missed crumbs.

Seriously, though, the MMR shot was not fun.  High fevers after a week, a bad rash for one of them, general fussiness and clinginess all around…  of course, the day after the shot, I read an article on a lawsuit payout for MMR causing autism.  My two cents, after reading Dr Hyman’s book, “The UltraMind Solution,” is that some babies have immune systems that are unable to process the heavy load of vaccines, which leads to various symptoms that are easily categorized as an Autism spectrum disorder.  So we asked to spread out the vaccine schedule, and have them done one per visit.  And we pray.  And trust.


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