Brookside Nature Center, Wheaton Carousel & Train

The next Nature Center we checked out was Brookside Nature Center.  We’ve been to Brookside Gardens, but didn’t know about this place.  Both are part of Wheaton Regional Park, and a park map revealed a Carousel & Miniature Train, too!!  Rebecca came with me so that I wouldn’t have a repeat of the Cabin John playground situation.  I’ve decided the ratio needs to be 1:1 for adult to boy!

Nature Center2 Nature Center1

Playroom in the Nature Center

Nature Center4 Nature Center3

Not a display, but still interesting  //  Animals from our back yard!

Turtle Running Ramps

The only live animal there  //  Ramp Running!

Wheaton Carousel1

Historic Herschell Spillman Company’s Carousel c. 1915

Wheaton Carousel2 Thanks for the ride

One of three zebras  //  Thanks for the ride!

Wheaton Train2 Wheaton Train1

Miniature train ride…this one goes over a bridge and through a tunnel!

Wheaton Playground1

The most captivating part of the playground for them…

Wheaton Playground2 Wheaton Playground3

I eventually talked them into slides and rides

Wheaton Playground4

If I push harder, maybe we’ll get somewhere!


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