Staunton, VA

Labor Day weekend getaway to Staunton, VA (pronounced Stanton).

1-WW Trench

Teddy peers through the periscope at the Trench Exhibit at the Woodrow Wilson Museum & Library

2-WW Car

Wilson’s car, the “Pierce Arrow”


Downtown Festival


High Five-ing a squirrel!

5-mill st 6-fish face

Brunch at Mill Street Grill, my best fish face


Sunspots Studios


Watching the glass blowing while blowing out a diaper


Antique Fire Engine, “Jumbo”

11-fire truck

And present day fire engines

12-fire truck 13- fire truck

naughty naughty


9/11 memorial, a piece of structural steel (on the left) from the World Trade Center


Gypsy Hill Express Miniature Train


very, very, VERY excited about the duck pond.  There was a crazy turkey/duck bird (turduck?), two enormous swans, huge koi fish, and many many ducks.


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