Creekwood Cabin & Crabtree Falls

After a late arrival and rough first night, we ended up enjoying the cabin very much.  This is the second time we’ve traveled with our dogs, aside from going home to Vermont, and this time we had the boys, too.  We shared the cabin with good friends and their dog, and my parents.

1-mural 2-mural

Murals throughout the house kept the boys amused “Dah, Dah, DAH.”


Finally, everyone’s up for Saturday breakfast!  Mom and I were up at 5:30 with the babies and dogs, after arriving at midnight and not really sleeping in between…yawn

4-creek 5-creek

After a day in Staunton and the Natural Caverns, Steve grilled dinner by the creek behind the cabin

6-bday din 7-bday din

and I made a blackberry cobbler.  Happy Bday, Mom!  (I had cut out a piece to serve before pictures were taken, oops.)


Sunday morning: Playing in the dog crate while the dogs look on.

9-sun din

After spending Sunday afternoon in Staunton, we made dinner back at the cabin.  We were 30 minutes outside Staunton, so it was really nice to be able to cook and watch movies after the boys went to sleep.

waterfall1 waterfall2

Monday morning, we hiked to Crabtree Falls, well, as far up as we had time for.  This is probably the first time we’ve hiked with the dogs.  (We’ve had them for almost 9 years!)

waterfall3 blue ridge mts

I took soooo many pictures of the Blue Ridge Mts through an open car window on the drive back.

roadtrip1 roadtrip2

Such good boys on the roadtrip home.  I’m getting more used board books to bring to Iceland!

chick-fil-a roadtrip3

Stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-a  //  We’ll have to do this again with both sets of twins!


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