Hat Rack

With Jess and Betsy at the store!  It took three people–two to put hats on each boy and Betsy to capture the moment before they pulled them off!

viking1 viking2

 These Viking hats were sized 0-9 month, or I’d have definitely bought them for our upcoming Iceland trip!

mohawk2 cool mohawk2

Mohawk hats, just like the ones I had planned to knit but never found the time to!  Sunglasses complete the look 😉

both mohawks thomas2

And there are airplanes on the side!  If only they didn’t keep pulling them off!

football1 football2

We ❤ football!


Their newest trick is to drag these stools out from under the piano benches to the foyer, balance themselves between the cracks of the stool, and try to touch the chandelier.

sweater2 sweater1

Trying on last year’s sweaters in preparation for our trip.  Teddy’s trying to step down like a grownup…ahhhh!


I see you’re all ready for Iceland…how ’bout you let Mommy do the packing for you?


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