Iceland, here we come!

The boys had their first plane ride.  I won’t sugarcoat it; it was HORRIBLE.


They were adorable at the airport, looking at planes and waving at people boarding.


They were even good for about three hours of the flight (only HALFWAY there!)


Between the four adults, we booked two aisle seats and two window seats all in one row, hoping that no one would take the center seats.  (Someone did, but she moved as soon as we were in the air).  So we had an extra seat for each of the boys, but it wasn’t good enough.  It was a big mistake to take a red-eye.  Halfway through, the boys got really really tired, but couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep.  Pete alternated walking one or the other to the back of the plane while the other slept on my body, but the sleeper would eventually start thrashing and wake up with loud, loud, crying.  We adults were exhausted by the time we landed, especially since it was 2:20 AM for us.  No sleep for the weary, though.  It was 6:20 AM in Iceland and we started on Day 1 of our Itinerary.

Greeted by Keflavik Airport’s two sculptures: Magnus Tomasson’s Potuhreidur (Jet Nest) and Ruri’s Regnbogi (Rainbow)

keflavik1 keflavik2


One thought on “Iceland, here we come!

  1. You are so smart to bring two extra adults!! I am still amazed that you took this trip with twins….very courageous and wonderful memories

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