Iceland Day 1: Blue Lagoon etc

So, no sleep on the red-eye, but we started out anyway.  On the Reykjanes Peninsula is the Bridge Between Two Continents (between the North American and Eurasian plates):

bridge 2 cont 2 bridge 2 cont 1

bridge 2 cont 3 sunrise

The sun coming up over lava rocks.  A tour bus came while we were here, and we heard people muttering about “those babies from the plane.”  😦  At least those babies aren’t on your tour bus!!

lighthouse flying baby

View of Reykjanesviti lighthouse and island of Eldey //  Flying baby

blue lagoon pan

Next stop: Blue Lagoon!  Betsy and I put this on Day 1’s itinerary on purpose, hoping for a relaxing time after the flight.  The steam and lava landscapes made for a surreal environment.

blue lagoon 1 mud mask

mud mask 2 blue lagoon 2

The water babies LOVED the Blue Lagoon, although we couldn’t quite get them to relax and float on their backs for this picture.  (We brought our own caps and swim vests for the babies.)

silver globe seltun 2

On the road again!  Next stop: Seltún geothermal area

seltun 3 seltun

Full of boiling mudpots and fumaroles, smells like sulfur.  The cold stream nearby tastes like sulfur, too.

kleifarvatn 1

Two of many views of Lake Kleifarvatn

kleifarvatn 2

Impressive off roading tracks on a very very steep and high hill!

laundromat 1laundromat 2

Dinner at “The Laundromat Cafe”  🙂


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